The Android Prototypes and Sensations

Although the concept of ‘Android’ was indeed started by Google as a type of software used for phones, some people might actually be confused with one of the first ‘android-powered’ cell phones to be created known as the Motorola Droid for Verizon, one of the slickest smart phones ever entering into the market. That could be considered a prototype. And if it sounds like this particular article writer is speaking in robotic terms, you’re right; these phones might as well be robots because of all the features and super powers. Honestly, it beats the iPhone and any other smart phone out there with a one-two punch, quick and easy.

So that’s the first phone you could consider, not to mention Motorola’s follow-up, the Droid 2. Another heavy hitter.

Quay bình thưởngThought you might only be dealing with a few phones powered by Google’s ‘android’ capability? No. It’s such a strong piece of software that many, many other phones are adapting the capability. Google is apparently hitting it big, and the funny question “what is an android phone?” will soon vanish off the face of the Earth, entering the Omega quadrant of the Vega Solar System (but that’s beside the point). Here are some great phones to get:

The T-Mobile G2

Quay bình thưởngRunning the Android 2.2 operating system, it also features the fiercely fast 4G network with a QWERTY keyboard.

The Google Nexus One

Quay bình thưởngThis android phone is a major powerhouse and the first phone when Google formed an alliance with the cell phone provider HTC. It’s also considered Google’s very first “Google Phone”.


A muscle car for the smart phone industry, it’s a Sprint-specific network phone with on-screen keyboard and 8-megapixel camera (which is pretty big for a phone!).

And those are just a few of the Android Sensations. Many, many more will come in the future. It will be an invasion.